article-2248405-166FABD1000005DC-17_634x422-628x359Robert Griffin III really is a walking bullseye these days and it’s showing signs of not getting any better.

RGIII and his Washington Redskins have been a lightening rod for drama in recent months. The hiring of a new head coach hasn’t taken away from the public scrutiny their franchise quarterback is facing these days.

The latest RG3 headline involves his Facebook page and the sleeve he wears on his arm in the cover photo. Well, someone apparently commented about that sleeve and why Griffin wears it, in which RGIII decided to offer a reply... a 297-word reply.

First, I was unaware that we could even type that many characters on Facebook, apparently there was another settings change I was unaware of. That’s neither here or there though, but 297 words? Really? Second, it’s clear that Griffin has gone from NFL media favorite to the latest contestant for “when keeping it real goes wrong.”

You can read his full response here.

RG3 did more than answer the question, he gave a state of the union address!

Griffin reminds me of those television shows that focus on the courts, and he’s like that witness that gives more information than what was asked of him originally. I feel it’s a big reason there seems to be a love-hate relationship slowly building between him and the public.

This is shaping up to be a crucial offseason in the professional career of Griffin. He burst on the NFL scene two years ago and electrified the league while leading the Redskins to a division title. Griffin was then injured in the playoffs and struggled to regain his playing form from his rookie season.

The Redskins faltered right along with Griffin through a miserable 2013 season that would result in the firing of head coach Mike Shanahan.

One would think that would be enough for Griffin to lay low this offseason and avoid controversy while preparing for next season. He has the fame, he has the endorsements, so why continue to throw logs on the fire that fans and the media are using to keep warm off anything that remotely sounds negative?

And why talk so much? Did Griffin have to really go into a rant after being asked about the sleeve he wears on his arm? Griffin’s reply was passionate, however, he could save that passion for the field next season.

I’m not a Redskins fan, however I’m aware of how passionate they are for their team. Griffin has to realize that the best way to get everyone back on your side again is to simply produce on the field. All he’s doing with rants like this is drawing attention to himself for all the wrong reasons.

If he returns next season healthy and back to being the RGIII he was his rookie year, he’ll have the opportunity to quiet his critics the best way possible.

And that’s by winning football games.


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