drake ovo january 2014Star rapper Drake has eBay going crazy, as his Air Jordan "OVO" PEs are selling for $100,000.

Drake, who signed with Jordan Brand not too long ago, has been delivering the goods when it comes to his OVO Js. Just recently, he revealed a major package from Jordan Brand from what looks like a lot of OVO PEs.

During the Toronto Raptors' "Drake Night," the rapper gave one fan one of his Jordans. That fan has made a wise decision to sell them, as he's going to be getting at least 100 racks for it, as shown in this eBay listing below:
drake ovo jordan ebayBut that's not the only Drake Jordans that are selling for tons of cash, as another listing was made by a father whose son received a pair of Air Jordan 10 white/gold OVO PEs:
drake ovo jordansNow, that's just crazy. I'm a sneakerhead myself, and I would love to own a pair of these. But I would never pay that much for a pair of shoes, no matter who wore it or what it endorses.

But, of course, if I was a billionaire I wouldn't mind. I wonder what the net worth of the guy who is bidding for these kicks has.


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