JR-Smith-December-2013JR Smith made one heck of a boneheaded play against the Houston Rockets on Friday when the New York Knicks shooting guard launched a 3-pointer that was completely unnecessary.

Though the Knicks failed to convert, they were able to get an offensive rebound and were at the point where they could wind down the clock and shoot the ball as time runs out.

However, right as the Knicks rebounded, Smith got the ball threw up a shot from behind-the-arc with 21 seconds left. Though it was wide-open, Smith missed. However, if he had made it, all the Smith haters would likely have not said a word. But it didn't happen, so it wasn't a smart play (and trust me, it wasn't).

New York ended up losing, 102-100.

Smith took the blame, as he thought New York was down by two points when he pulled up for 3.


Smith owned up to his mistake on Twitter:


It hasn't been a very good season for Smith, and it's not a great start to the new year.



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