Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.10.07 PMDee Dee Bonner made headlines last night when she wrote an offensive tweet about Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston during his speech after the 2014 BCS National Championship game.

Many accused Bonner of being a racist, but she has since apologized and defended herself:
People were also going after AJ McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, when they found out she favorited the tweet about Winston.

Webb also defended herself, claiming that she accidentally favorited it when scrolling down her Twitter timeline:
Webb also responded to a Twitter user that claimed she was lying:
I'm more in laughter of the guy saying she was hot in the reply than Webb's response, but I believe her. I tend to favorite things a lot on my timeline, because well... the buttons are "right friggin' there."

And come on, be honest, a lot of people were thinking the exact same thing about Winston during his speech.

Can't be mad at Winston for his speech, he's a young kid. I mean, he's only a freshman. He must have been in the jitters when he was talking, because come on, the dude just won the college football championship! He was just caught in the moment.

So why fault Dee Dee Bonner for writing what she did, when we all thought the same thing? Is it because she's famous? Sure, it may not have sounded right, but I'm sure she meant no harm in the tweet.

This is yet another example for everyone out there: think before you tweet.


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