454226027_original_original_original_original_crop_northJameis Winston will forever be cemented into college football history after winning the Heisman Trophy as a freshman and leading the Florida State Seminoles to a 2014 BCS National Championship victory, thanks to this game-winning touchdown pass to defeat Auburn.

Winston has been highly-touted since coming out of high school, and a creepy thing happened two years ago that basically predicted he would end up in this exact situation of leading FSU to a game-winning touchdown.

Take a look in the video below at the 1:04 mark, as Trent Dilfer predicted the exact outcome that Winston was facing last night when the Super Bowl-winning quarterback spoke to the FSU star at the 2011 Elite 11 Camp:


“It’s going to come down to 3rd and 7 in the fourth quarter, down by 4, and they’re going to keep you in the pocket. They’re not going to let you be fast and quick and all that," Dilfer said. "And that’s going to be a mistake because you’re going to beat em’ here (points to his head)."

That is a scarily good prediction. Dilfer was off by just one yard, as Winston was facing a 3rd-and-8 when throwing the game-winning touchdown.

Well done, Dilfer.

[H/T: Diehardsport]


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