charles barkley 2014

While watching Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond participate in the NBA Rising Stars challenge, a game in which Drummond won MVP honors, TNT's Charles Barkley took time to rip his Detroit Pistons teammates. Barkley said the Pistons "had a bunch of idiots on that team" when he spoke about the Pistons.

“He’s a terrific player who’s playing with those other idiots up in Detroit. And they’re not going to win,” Barkley said.

When the rest of the “NBA on TNT” panel, including Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith, questioned that statement, Barkley continued: “They’ve got some idiots on that team. They’ve got some talented players who are not going to ever get it.”

In my opinion that was a shot to Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith. While the duo is talented they still possess the knucklehead factor and aren't winning players. The team lacks cohesion which is displayed when the team has many of its fourth quarter collapses.

Barkley talked about the lack of team play,"buddy ball in the back court," and no leadership on and off court. He's right, this team doesn't understand taking good shots and mental toughness.

Making the playoffs would help teach the Pistons about possessions and finishing games.


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