super bowl xlviii preview

The countdown to Super Bowl XLVIII is ticking down. The game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET as we finally get to see the Denver Broncos' No. 1 offense face off against the Seattle Seahawks' No. 1 defense.

By now, you probably you have read all the predictions on our website so far. We got intakes from Devereaux Frazier, JRSportBrief, Marshall Faulk, Nick Mangold, and heck, even Austin Mahone!

Now it's my turn, and I guess I will just make this quick.

Usually it's always defenses win championships. It's the reason why many are picking the Seahawks to win this game, along with the fact that people also believe they are more built and ready for the cold weather if it happens to take place.

However, I just don't see the Seahawks getting the victory. Could it be that I'm a Peyton Manning fan? Slightly, yes. I'm obviously rooting for the guy, but people are making it sound like it will be almost impossible for the 37-year-old to get it done.

Sure, the Seahawks defense will be able to stop the Broncos offense at times. The secondary is too good, but this is Peyton Manning we're talking about. This man has had two weeks to prepare for this game and knows a lot of what this defense is going to bring.

I would not be shocked at all if the five-time MVP starts shredding apart this defense on Sunday night. Richard Sherman won't see the ducks coming. And even if the Broncos do get stopped, because it will happen, I just don't trust the Seattle Seahawks offense enough to get it done.

I think Russell Wilson will do pretty good, but not enough to get the victory. The game will rely on Marshawn Lynh, but the Broncos defense, I think, will do just enough to shut him down. It will all come down to how Wilson performs and if he can lead the team to some points scored.

With that said, I'm taking Manning's offense to score more points. I just don't see Seattle even reaching the 20s in points scored.

Heck, I don't think this game will be as close as how many have predicted. I mean, I was the one saying Denver would beat the New England Patriots by double-digits in the AFC Championship game, while others had them beating them by a field goal.

With that said, give me Denver by at least 10 points in this. I think Manning shuts down all the talk about him not coming up in the playoffs, in the cold weather, in the Super Bowl... blah, blah, blah.

I just think this is Manning's time. This is his moment. And what a way to end this season with a second ring.

Broncos 28, Seahawks 17


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