nick fairley february 2014

Last month, Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew was a bit critical of how Nick Fairley's weight was distributed within his body.

"I wouldn't say his weight is too high," Mayhew said. "He could probably re-position some of that weight."

Mayhew also stated that it's time for Fairley to mature and be more consistent since Fairley is known to disappear for long stretches. According to MLive, Hall of Famer Warren Sapp has jumped on board the Fairley physique bashing train.

Sapp seems to have a dislike for the Detroit Lions defensive duo of Ndamukong Suh and Fairley. He has been critical of Suh since he's been in the league. Now he's made Fairley a target of his vocal rage.

"Little legs," Sapp said during Super Bowl week.

He would go on to say "little legs" seven more times in his 12 sentences on the topic.

"You asked me a question and I told you: Little legs. Nick Fairley, little legs,"he said, when asked if he thought Fairley was getting better. "I don't even know what he weighs. That would be so those little legs could carry it. He's got little legs. I've never seen a defensive tackle with little legs like that stay that long.

"It's a pounding, and you play the game inside with your legs. That's the only thing I see in him. I just laugh. He's got little legs. There's nothing he can do about it -- he's just genetically built a little different than most defensive tackles. He's just got little legs."

It's true that Sapp was one of the best in the game when he played and I actually have respect for the guy, but he should stop trying to be the authority on all defensive lineman. He's had his time now, and it's time to let someone else shine. Do your job and be an analyst, and be objective about it.

I agree that Fairley's weight is an issue but just don't turn it into a personal attack.


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