Sandy Alderson Mets 2014

2014 MLB Spring Training is just getting underway and every team harbors hope of making it to the World Series or just the playoffs. Most hopes will be dashed by June, some teams will hang in the wild card chase and there will be the teams that are expected to win big.

New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson is hoping his team is one that will be playing some meaningful baseball this summer. Alderson told team executives and players that the Mets can win 90 games.

Not out of the realm of possibility, but not the most realistic prediction. But that's why you play right? To win, not to hope to be competitive. Owner Fred Wilpon chimed in and said "we better win 90," according to the New York Daily News.

Alderson has set the bar high for this year's team and there's absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. It develops a winning mindset from the start instead of a defeatist attitude.

“All I’ll say is we have higher expectations than we’ve had in the past,” said Alderson.

“Because I think it has to be a mind-set. Part of creating a winning environment is setting ambitious goals and working toward them. But it has to be systematic and it can’t be totally unrealistic. I don’t think it is in this case.”

Third baseman and team captain David Wright says that 90 wins are "attainable" and likes Alderson's confidence in the team.

"We've got good players. I love the fact that Sandy is confident in us. I think 90 is challenging, it's attainable and it's a good starting point for us. You know, number goals, it's tough to come out and say, 'I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that. We're going to do that.' But I think 90 is a good starting point for giving us something to shoot for and getting guys to understand that mediocrity is not going to be acceptable.

"It's not about being better than last year. What does that get us? Third or fourth place? It's about being a good team and being a playoff-contending team. Ninety wins is a good starting point."

While I do like Alderson's confidence, I don't think the Mets will reach that goal.

For starters, they play in the NL East with the Atlanta Braves, who are the defending division champs. The Washington Nationals possibly boast the best starting rotation in baseball, and don't forget the aging but dangerous Philadelphia Phillies.

Strange things have happened, though. Who figured the Pittsburgh Pirates would make the playoffs last season?

Alderson better hope things come together to avoid looking foolish for making the 90 win statement.


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