alvin gentry

Normally you will not see a serious story coming from me. Its rare that I even considered writing this story, but I feel as though I am obligated, as a dedicated New York Knicks fan, to put in my two cents.

The Knicks are steadily falling in the Eastern Conference, and they just can't seem to figure out why. With nothing coming for the Knicks in the next draft, Amar'e Stoudemire's insane option and James Dolan's complete disregard for fixing the problems, the future looks shady at best.

Carmelo Anthony can opt out of his contract after this season and leave town, leaving the Knicks with nothing but a glimpse of what could have been. They made no moves by the trade deadline and head coach Mike Woodson has no answers.

I do.

For the Knicks to succeed with their current roster, I see only one option: let Mike Woodson go. Who could coach the Knicks next? Better question, who would coach the Knicks? The answer: Alvin Gentry!

Gentry could implement his fast-paced offense that relied solely on scoring more points then the opponents. Carmelo, Felton, and Shumpert are all excellent on the break and both Shumpert and Chandler are defensive stalwarts.

Carmelo Anthony could be a great defender, but he's lazy on defense by giving all his effort on offense. He seems to not care about defense. Perfect. Eliminate the need for Anthony to care and let his offense go wild.

The only issue I can see is how and when to play Amar'e Stoudemire...


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