johnny manziel march 2014

Don't be surprised if Johnny Manziel slides past the top 5 in the 2014 NFL Draft. According to several reports, teams like the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns prefer Derek Carr as a franchise quarterback over the Texas A&M star. Adding to the fact that the Houston Texans are leaning towards selecting Jadeveon Clowney No. 1, it makes matters worse for Johnny Football's draft stock.

The word is, per the Los Angeles Times, that the Raiders were more favorable towards Carr than they were to Manziel coming out of the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine that just took place recently. Updated mock drafts now see Manziel slipping as far as No. 8 overall, where the Minnesota Vikings would select him.

Via Gridiron Grit, the Browns also liked Carr more than Manziel. With that, could it be that they select Carr before the Raiders do? Cleveland holds the No. 4 pick while the Raiders are at No. 5. It's possible that one of these two teams select Teddy Bridgewater, though.

Overall, this is all some very interesting news after for so many weeks many experts had Manziel not even falling out of the top 5.


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