The Phoenix Suns have at least three first round picks for the 2014 NBA Draft; however, after some recent comments by general manager Ryan McDonough in an interview saying, "It's unlikely we bring in three rookies next year," presents the question of what options do they have?

Now draft day deals are very interesting, because a lot of players that aren't on rosters usually leave teams with a lot of cap so that big deals can go down in the draft. Also after reading into the Suns salary situation, they have roughly about $20 million before signing Eric Bledsoe and P.J. Tucker.

With that, they could trade for someone on draft night with their picks, then sign both of them with the cap left and go over if needed because they have the option to match their deals (because they're restricted free agents).

McDonough also says, "Our preference would be to trade for a star if we can do that ... we're going to continue to explore the trade market."

He stated if the Suns can't get a trade, they will look into stashing Europeans players or trading for future picks.

With all of that said, here are the possible draft day deals the Suns could do in June. 

Carmelo Anthony

carmelo anthony april 2014

Alhough he has had no links with Phoenix, this is still a possibility. This is, however, very unlikely for multiple reasons. He could be persuaded by playing with a young, energetic team which could arguably become contender with another star added.

This would also have to include role players being added and offseason development on the Suns' younger guys. This could be a good fit for Melo, and a lot of Phoenix fans are liking their chances at getting a star, but could that star be the next player I'm talking about?

Kevin Love


Now again, Phoenix isn't really being thrown into the mix for landing star players but Kevin Love could fit well with them. He would be paired with a young, crazy athletic team with all the defensive potential in the world.

He'll also be in the frontcourt with a much more of a skilled player than people give him credit for in Miles Plumlee. Outstanding pick-and-roll players in Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic will also help, as both guards have proven they can facilitate the ball. 

Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe, Paul Pierce

Greg Monroe is apart of a clustered frontcourt in a disastrous situation with the Detroit Pistons, so he probably wants out. The issue here is that he is a restricted free agent and probably is going to get re-signed by Pistons.

Now restricted free agents aren't usually gone for free, because they usually have to be dealt in sign-and-trades (examples: Brandon Jennings trade to Detroit and Tyreke Evans to Pelicans). Now, with the three picks and some young assets, I could see a possible trade for Phoenix to make and snag up the very talented young big man with All-Star potential.

Therefore, I believe this would be the best and most realistic move they could make.

Coming Back To More Realistic Targets

phoenix suns nba draft

Trading down could also be something the Suns do, a lot like how the Jazz traded their No. 14 and 21 picks for the Minnesota Timberwolves No. 9 pick in 2013. Phoenix could do something similar to this in getting whatever piece they want.

I feel like a lot of teams that don't get a top 4 or 5 pick this year might look to trade down for multiple picks since this draft goes deep with role players, not with stars.

Possible trade partners could be the Sacramento Kings, Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons. These three teams are those that if they don't get a top 5 pick, they could want more talent overall for cheap than having to sign free agents.


goran dragic eric bledsoe april 2014

Personally, I can see Phoenix trading all of their picks. Maybe not all in one trade, but I feel like they will make a move for a quality starter with one of their picks and maybe throw in a player who had an outstanding season but replaceable (Gerald Green, either of the Morris twins, Plumlee if for an upgrade).

But I don't see Phoenix signing any rookies this year. Possible, they sign one European if they can't trade that pick.

I think the Greg Monroe deal is the more likely out of the three players I named. What do you think?


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