drake rip hamilton 2014

Drake was caught under fire on Monday night when he was seen repping Kentucky only to be hanging out with UConn afterwards when the Huskies beat the Wildcats in the 2014 NCAA Championship game.

However, this isn't the first and likely not the last time we'll see the YMCMB rapper exposed as a bandwagon sports fans.

Let's take a look at the times Drake was a bandwagon sports fan...


drake kentucky 2014 ncaa championship

Drake has said he's always been a Kentucky fan. You can see that displayed here.

That all changed on Monday night...


drake rip hamilton 2014

He became a UConn fan instantly after they beat Kentucky on Monday night.


drake vcu

When they were in the Final Four that one time, of course.

Miami Heat

drake lebron james

Who could forget this?

Los Angeles Lakers

drake kobe

Where else could he have gotten that "Bitch, you wasn't with me shooting in the gym!" line from?

Toronto Raptors

drake raptors

That was a given.

New York Knicks

drake knicks

Swaggin' out in NY.

Cleveland Indians

drake cleveland indians

This is a surprising one.

Manchester United

drake soccer

He likes soccer, too.

Toronto Blue Jays

drake blue jays

Home team.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Of course.

Texas A&M

drake texas a&m

Because of Johnny Manziel.


drake bandwagon



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