Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford recently announced his engagement to girlfriend Kelly Hall. Cold Stone creamery somehow wants to be involved.

Whether it's deserved or not, Stafford can afford a boffo wedding at a secluded, exotic location most of us will only see on television. Like they say, the rich get richer.

Speaking of the rich getting richer, Cold Stone has offered to cater Stafford's wedding for free. Why?

Because of the free publicity the ice cream store received when Stafford and Hall announced their engagement and Instagrammed a picture of them eating at Cold Stone. If I knew that would work, I would've proposed to my wife at McDonald's and took a picture of it.

"We'd love to provide dessert for everyone at the wedding. And to the extent that they would allow us, we would love to make the cake as well!" says Cold Stone's Michael Serruya, via TMZ.

Congratulations to Stafford, and the Lions should hope that he can get his game back on track.


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