The Miami Heat have dealt with their share of injuries on their roster, mostly regarding star shooting guard Dwyane Wade. Wade has gone numerous stretches of resting consecutive games, but with the NBA Playoffs approaching, Miami can't afford to have this happen for any other player now.

"We'll get to that point when we get to that point," head coach Erik Spoelstra said, via CBS Sports.

Right now, the Heat barely hold the No. 1 seed over the Indiana Pacers. They are just barely leading thanks to a few percentage points, but a loss can make or break their position in the Eastern Conference on whether they could hold home-court advantage or not.

Last season, they would rest players due to them already having the No. 1 seed intact. They did the same in the lockout-shortened season when the Chicago Bulls secured the top seed.

This season, it's different.

"I don't think we have the luxury this year," power forward Chris Bosh said. "I think before in the past, things were kind of settled in and we knew what was going to happen. At this point last year, we were well ahead of everybody and we were able to just do what we do. Now, it's more of a race."

The Heat can't afford to lose out on the No. 1 seed now when it's theirs for the taking. It's especially different this season since they could face another Game 7 series with the Pacers if both were to meet each other in the Conference Finals.

It happened last year, but it will be harder this year with a stronger Pacers team. It will be even tougher if Indiana has the home-court advantage.

"There's no rest. I gave hope up about rest a long time ago. For whatever reason, it is what it is. I take pride in being tired," Bosh says.

The Heat and Pacers will play for the final time this regular season on Friday, April 11. It could most likely be the game that decides who will win the East's crown of the regular season as we head into the postseason.


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