jabari parker april 2014The NBA is getting closer to upping its age minimum to 20 years old for draft entry. Former Duke All-American and one-and-done star, Jabari Parker, told Dan Patrick that the NBA’s proposal to raise the age limit once again is ridiculous.

“I think that’s ridiculous because a lot of people can enroll in service for their country, but they don’t want to give them an opportunity to provide for themselves and go apply for a job in the NBA, so I think that’s kind of ridiculous,” Parker said.

I agree with both sides of the argument.

If you can serve your country, you should be able to enter the NBA when you feel prepared. I also agree with Adam Silver’s and the NBA’s assertion that immature players put out a bad product.

Here was Parker's interview with Patrick:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=365-a_BoC4o]


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