For the very first time in NBA history, the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and New York Knicks all missed the 2014 playoffs. Since the existence of the league, at least one of those teams made the postseason. It's the first time ever all three of these franchises missed it.

The Lakers and Celtics were bound to fail this season, though.

Los Angeles was likely to be without Kobe Bryant for the whole season after experiencing more injuries. They also had a crappy squad that had Pau Gasol and Nick Young as the only notable players.

For Boston, their team was pretty comparable to the Philadelphia 76ers at first, having a squad that looked like it was full of players from the D-League. They were able to capture some wins earlier in the season, like the Sixers, but fell back down to earth later.

As for the Knicks, though, I don't know what the hell is up with them. They basically had the same squad as last season, but nothing was able to work out.

You know it's bad when head coach Mike Woodson said that the Knicks failed due to Andrea Bargnani's health. It will also be the very first time Carmelo Anthony will miss the postseason in his 11-year career.

Pretty interesting.


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