According to the New York Post, a man named Rasean Tate is suing the Houston Rockets NBA franchise after the team's players allegedly called him homophobic slurs. Tate, who's gay, says the incident happened during a 2013 game where the Rockets faced the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center.

Tate says he was fired from his job as a server after he reported that players were calling him gay slurs when he was setting up a buffet in the locker room.

“When the plaintiff’s back was turned to defendant Rockets players, he began to hear laughter and taunting voices saying ‘get this faggot out of here!’" the lawsuit reads. “‘He’s trying to catch a sneaky peaky!’”

Tate is also suing a catering company that was at the Barclays Center. Tate says the supervisors apologized to him after he told them the story. However, he says he was eventually losing out on his job as time went on.

“This was solely in retaliation for his complaints about the harassment and discrimination he faced by defendant Rockets players and because of plaintiff’s sexual orientation."

The lawsuit doesn't name the Rockets players who called Tate the gay slurs.

This is some major news after only a little while ago, Nets power forward Jason Collins says an anonymous NBA player called him a gay slur during a game.


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