The New York Knicks need a miracle to the make the 2014 NBA Playoffs, so fans are already anticipating for the draft lottery now unless if the Atlanta Hawks somehow lose almost every single game while New York wins every single one in the regular season.

It was a season of misery for the Knicks, and Mike Woodson was the head coach of that misery. New York wasn't able to capitalize despite having much success with almost the same exact roster the previous season and with the same coach.

The only major move New York made was acquiring power forward Andrea Bargnani in a trade with the Toronto Raptors. At first, many thought it would pay off but it ended up being a failed move for the Knickerbockers.

Woodson believes that it was the health of Bargnani that was the key to the Knicks this season. He believes New York could have done a lot better and the season would've gone very differently if Bargs were healthy.


The fact that much of the Knicks season relied of Bargnani tells you everything you need to hear about what went wrong with New York this season.

Once Carmelo Anthony sees that comment, expect something like this:


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