byron-scott-kyrie-irving-cavaliers-2014Well, this is some interesting news just coming out. According to Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher, the Los Angeles Lakers could decide to fire current head coach Mike D'Antoni and hire former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Byron Scott, who could recruit star Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving to LA.

A little much there, right? Well, here's what Bucher had to say:
“At least one LA source believes that’s the direction (the Lakers) could go, primarily because of Scott’s relationship with Kyrie Irving,” Bucher said in the video.

According to Bucher, Scott and Irving “still text on a regular basis, and the relationship is very good.”

The Cavs are expected to offer Irving a five-year, $80 million max extension this summer. Irving has stated already he wants to stay with the Cavs, refuting the reports that he had a "camp" that said he's been wanting to leave Cleveland for years. In fact, just nearly two weeks ago, Irving was as closest as ever to an extension with the franchise.

Despite that, there's no guarantee Irving will sign the extension since he hasn't given his word on it. Irving has yet to make the NBA Playoffs in his three seasons with Cleveland.

Signing the extension could lead to more disappointment, just like it did for Kevin Love, who has yet to taste the postseason after signing an extension with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now it's being said that Love is likely to leave Minnesota in 2015 and head to a team like the Lakers unless the T-Wolves make the playoffs.

With all of that witnessed, Irving could end up declining the extension. If that happens, Bucher says that the Cavaliers will be inclined to trade their young star and that the Lakers would be an appealing destination for Irving if Scott is the head coach.
Irving has said he would like to stay in Cleveland, “but the fact of the matter is with Scott in LA with the Lakers, that could be very appealing, and that would bring in a great building block for the Lakers moving forward,” Bucher said of Irving.

The ball is in several courts right now, and it all comes down to the Lakers' decision-making this offseason and Irving's actual decision on his future come July.


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