The Miami Heat had a chance to avoid a regular season sweep to the Brooklyn Nets if they were to get this shot off in the final seconds. However, it never happened as a LeBron James layup was blocked by Mason Plumlee.

There was much controversy over the play. James complained that Plumlee hit his wrist and the fans even reacted in the same manner.

"It was a foul. He got my right hand," James said.

Was it a foul? You be the judge for yourself.

With the loss, Miami now is .5 games ahead of the Indiana Pacers for the East's No. 1 seed. It's something to worry about, along with being swept by the Nets this season.

It definitely looks like Brooklyn has the Heat's number, so it would be very interesting how things would play out if these two teams were to meet each other in the NBA Playoffs.


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