Baltimore Orioles outfield Adam Jones has been in the headlines recently. First, it was about allowing players to beat up the fans who run on the baseball field. Now, he is calling out New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.

When asked about Tanaka, Jones didn't give it much thought. Jones says he doesn't buy any of the hype around the Japanese right-hander, who signed a lucrative $155 million contract with the Yanks.

"Why don't you ask Tanaka about me? I'm the one who's been over here in the major leagues for a while," Jones said Tuesday, according to Newsday. "Congratulations, he did it over there. Don't make it like he's the dirtiest guy in the world. He was 24-0 -- in Japan."

Jones faced Tanaka on Wednesday, striking out twice in the Orioles' 5-4 win. Even with that, Jones still stood by his statement on the Yankees ace.

"Am I [supposed] to go home and say I faced Tanaka tonight? Just go throw a party that I faced Tanaka? It's another pitcher," Jones said. "Another pitcher in the rotation. Nothing special to me. It's just another guy that we have to go through to get to where we want to be."

Sounds salty.


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