It's been a rough go for the Indiana Pacers as of late. Losing to the Atlanta Hawks, 107-88, at home on Sunday night made things even worse and it has caused this one Pacers fan to go to the desperate measures.

This one Pacers fan decided to post an ad on CraigList in search for the "missing talent" of small forward Paul George.

Here was the fan's ad:

pacers fan craiglist ad

Guess you can't blame him, right?

Ever since the 2014 NBA All-Star break, George hasn't been playing like the MVP candidate like he once was. In fact, the Pacers as a whole team have not been playing like the East's best team like they once were.

That title now belongs to the Miami Heat, unless if Indiana has something to say about it on Friday night when these two teams face off for the final time in the regular season.


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