cleveland cavaliers may 2014 nba draft lottery

As mentioned before, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery. They had a 1.7 percent chance to win it, but they beat the odds to get the first overall pick for the second straight year and the third time in four years.

With the Cavs getting the No. 1 pick, what comes after that. Here are is the full 2014 NBA Draft order for the first 14 slots of the lottery teams:

14. Phoenix Suns
13. Minnesota Timberwolves
12. Orlando Magic
11. Denver Nuggets
10. Philadelphia 76ers
9. Charlotte Hornets
8. Sacramento Kings
7. Los Angeles Lakers
6. Boston Celtics
5. Utah Jazz
4. Orlando Magic
3. Philadelphia 76ers
2. Milwaukee Bucks
1. Cleveland Cavaliers

Now the real question occurs: who will go No. 1 overall? Will it be Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker? Could it be Joel Embiid? Could the Cavs trade the pick for Kevin Love?

June 26 couldn't come any sooner.


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