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In life, change will come. Sometimes we will like it, other times we will fight it, but the fact remains: it will come. Prior to 2012, I never imagined the University of Maryland Terrapins playing anywhere else other than the Atlantic Coast Conference. Now, two years later, the Terps are set to begin their foray into the Big Ten after 50 years in the ACC.

While I have come to accept this reality, it will not make me miss them being in the ACC any less. Growing up less than 25 minutes from College Park, I became a Maryland fan a the age of 10 (2001). That fall, I went to my first ever Maryland and college football game.

My parents took my sister, my best friend (who is also my next door neighbor to this day) and I up to Byrd Stadium to see the Terps dismantle the Eastern Michigan Eagles, 50-3. From there, running back Bruce Perry and quarterback Shaun Hill became my two favorite players and Florida State became the team I could not stand.

From that point on, I did everything I could to support the football and basketball (men's and women's) teams. I tuned in to every game I could find, got my parents to buy me merchandise like jerseys and shirts, read box scores and more.

When my parents renovated our basement, the decision was made that theme of the bathroom (my bathroom now) would be all Maryland colors and memorabilia. Maryland sports had become my passion.

Like all Maryland fans, watching them take home the title in 2002 was a special moment for me. Interestingly enough, I almost didn't get a chance to see it. Being in fifth grade, I had to be in bed relatively early so that I could be up early the next day for school. Luckily for me, my parents knew how much I loved the Terps.

So, with five minutes left in their clash versus Indiana, my folks got me up and let me watch the rest of the game in their room. Though I was sleepy, I was nonetheless overjoyed to see Juan Dixon, Steve Blake, Lonny Baxter, Byron Mouton, Chris Wilcox and crew win the title. To celebrate, my dad and I got matching championship shirts and hats. Coming with those items was a VHS chronicling the team's run to the title.

As I got older acquired something that all Maryland fans have: a strong dislike  for the rival Duke Blue Devils. I could not stand J.J. Redick, Jay Williams, Sheldon Williams, Kyle Singler, Brian Zoubek and all of the other guys from Durham. Even if I missed every other game, I made it a priority to  watch every Duke-Maryland game.

Beating them at Comcast Center was always a sight to see, as the crowd was electric 100 percent of the way. Taking them out in the ACC tournament was even better. But, the most satisfying victories came on January 26, 2005. On this date, Nick Caner-Medley, John Gilchrist and Ekene Ibekwe led the Terps to an upset victory over the second ranked Blue Devils.

This one was extra special because they did it at Cameron Indoor. You see, while beating them at home or at a neutral site was fun, seeing the Cameron Krazies totally stunned by what they are watching on the floor put me in a pure state of bliss.

These moments, in addition to a lot of others, are what will really make me miss Maryland playing in the ACC. While it may take some time to get used to playing Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan as opposed to Georgia Tech, Virginia, and Clemson, I'm confident that these new rivals will grow on me and the members of the Terrapin faithful.

Through the magic of pictures, videos, and online streaming, Maryland's ACC history and greatness will continue to live on no matter where they go.


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