Gary Haynes is a varsity football player at Manvel High School. Above is a video he posted on Vine, which showed him throwing a football about 40 yards and then running down and catching it! The video, which was posted on Sunday, became a hit and is viral.

"I didn't think it was gonna blow up to be this big to be honest," Haynes said. "I just kept hearing my phone going off and looked at it and it was Twitter from ESPN, Sports Nation."

One of the main reasons people found the video was when parody accounts dubbed it as "if Kobe Bryant played in the NFL," which is hilarious.


The 17-year-old was questioned by a lot of people, as they thought the video was fake. However, Haynes did it again for his football coach, who was also questioning the video.

"He thought I could do it but he wasn't sure," said Haynes. "He wanted to make sure I could do it before going on different TV shows."

Haynes will be traveling to New York now to talk about his video. He said he hopes to play for the Houston Texans if he goes to the NFL in the future.

You can check out Haynes' interview with his local TV station below:


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