joe johnson heat nets 2014It's funny to see how delusional some of these Brooklyn Nets players can get. Joe Johnson displayed some of that when he said that his Nets team is more talented than the Miami Heat, even though the Heat are leading their second round playoff series with them at 2-0.

“Outside of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, we're more talented than them," Johnson said, via the Miami Herald.

I'm not sure what Johnson is thinking, but based off the high salaries of all the players on their roster, I guess you can see why he would say that. The starting 5 alone is worth more than the payroll of NBA teams as a whole.

Even with that, the talent isn't enough. Paul Pierce obviously isn't better than LeBron. There's a good case for Chris Bosh being better than Kevin Garnett at this stage. Mario Chalmers is actually outplaying Deron Williams in this series. Then there's the bench. The rest is history after that.

Come on, Joe.


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