chris paul stephen curry clippers warriors may 2014We all know the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors hate each other. The rivalry got even more intense after the Clippers beat the Dubs in Game 7, in which players from both teams got into a fight.

Per ESPN, both teams got into a shouting match with each other in the tunnel that connects the home and visiting teams' locker rooms.

Sources say the fight started when a Warriors player heard a Clippers assistant coach telling his players that the Golden State locker room was quiet. He said it loud enough for the Warriors players to hear, which led to players from both teams eventually getting into a shouting match.

The altercation never escalated into a physical fight, but security had to get involved to prevent anything major from happening.

"I was sitting in my office with the family," Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. "I heard about it. From from I've heard it was much to do about nothing. Unfortunately the way the arena is built, from our training room, the door opens and their locker room is through that and I guess they can hear guys being excited so that was about it. From there I guess there were guys chirping in the hallway in between the two locker rooms.

"You can't see that from the hallway [the media] goes through but no one came to [blows]. I found out about it after the fact. Besides people talking loud at each other, nothing happened."

Sources tell ESPN that the shouting match was "very serious," and that the Clippers had to call in more security to prevent a Warriors player from entering the Los Angeles locker room.

"Both teams don't care much for each other," Chris Paul said earlier this season. "It is what it is."

That comment from CP3 holds true to this day.


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