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The Indiana Pacers' season is now over after getting knocked out by the Miami Heat on Friday night in the Eastern Conference Finals. Most will probably remember the game for the Heat's beat down and Lance Stephenson's antics for smacking people like LeBron James in the mouth or Norris Cole in the face.

Stephenson has been the subject of trash talk all series. It started before Game 1 when Stephenson said he looked to get at Dwyane Wade's knees. Then came his flop on LeBron, which led to these memes and photoshops. Up next was his trash talking to LeBron, which had George going against him.

Game 5 showed a lot about Lance and his troll behavior. One is where he tried getting in on the Heat's huddle. And, of course, there was the famous blow in the ear to LeBron. And you can't forget this either. After all of that in Game 5, Larry Bird told him to stop this nonsense, yet Stephenson did the same things in Game 6.

It has many wondering what the Pacers will do with the shooting guard come this offseason. Stephenson can get a contract extension with the team, but will Indiana let him walk instead? Could the Brooklyn native be too much of a headcase for Indiana to deal with?

George may have put the icing on the cake following Game 6 when he said this:


Who knows if this is all out of context, but it definitely doesn't sound good.

If Lance doesn't end up staying with the Pacers, expect some team to overpay for him come July.


Video and full quote added. Definitely it was taken out of context. Seems like George wants Lance back after his solid play this season.




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