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The Air Jordan 6 "History of Jordan" is set to release on Saturday, August 9, 2014, and @iamtmcii gives us a good early look at the shoe.

Take a look:

Unlike the other Jordan 6 retros that have released this year, this colorway will release with the Jordan 5 lace-lock other than the standard Jordan 6 lace-lock:

Here's the interesting part, though. On the box, it says "Air Jordan 6 Spizike." So, instead of it being the Air Jordan 6 "History of Jordan," the colorway is actually called "Spizike"? That is definitely possible.

Looking at the shoe again, it definitely has the colors that resemble these Spizikes:

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And here's the twist...these are the original Air Jordan Spizikes from 2006! It's no wonder they gave the "History of Jordan" nickname to the 6s. You know what it's even more strange? Those Spizikes are releasing on the same day as the 6s on August 9.

So yeah, there you go folks. These are actually the Jordan 6 "Spizikes."

Here's a full, detailed video for the shoe:

Let us know if you plan on copping these!


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