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The Chicago Bears have a lot of confidence heading into the 2014 NFL season, and they are expecting big things from quarterback Jay Cutler.

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall made a bold statement during training camp on Wednesday, claiming that Cutler could be this year's NFL MVP award-winner. He kept telling that to former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, who was in attendance at the Bears practice.

Marshall doesn't think Irvin, or anyone, believes it, but he believes in Cutler.

"I don't think anybody would believe it," Marshall said. "I don't know why they wouldn't believe it. [But] this is a different person. I don't know this guy. I don't know this new Jay Cutler. Maybe his new name is like Joshua or something. This is a totally different guy. Just call him Joshua Cutler. That's what the 'J' stands for."

Marshall alluded to changes in Cutler's personal life and his supporting cast as reasons why he should "absolutely" win the award. Cutler had a pretty good 2013 campaign aside from injuries. If he can stay healthy for this season, big things are to come.

"I want to see what happens when they have a healthy Jay Cutler," Irvin said. "I asked Brandon that very question; what do you think a healthy Jay Cutler for 16 games [can accomplish]? He said 'MVP in the league.' I said that's high praise right there; you're just going to take Peyton Manning off that shelf and just going to put Jay Cutler right up there like that? That's the way he sees it.

"And that type of confidence with the kind of feeling they have about this offense, and what coach [Marc] Trestman is doing, is just incredible. With the diversity of your offense, you feel good about your opportunities."

We'll see how Cutler can perform with Marc Trestman running the offense for his second year.


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