Brian Hoyer Tom Brady July 2014

The Cleveland Browns will have a major quarterback battle that will probably go on throughout training camp and the NFL preseason between Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer.

There are cases to be made for both young QBs, but it looks like Browns left tackle Joe Thomas sees something in Hoyer. In fact, Thomas get reminded of a future Hall of Fame quarterback.

"He's a lot like Tom Brady," he said. "When you look at the way he competes and the way he demands the most out of everybody around him, it's no coincidence that those guys played together. (Hoyer) has a lot of those same mental attributes and that's a great thing for a quarterback to have.

"He's the ultimate competitor, and no matter if we drafted a quarterback No. 1 overall, I knew that in his mind he expects to win the job because that's the type of competitor he is and the type of quarterback."

Hoyer did play behind Brady on the New England Patriots from 2009-11, but the comparisons still are far-fetched from Thomas' point-of-view. However, Hoyer is a competitor like Brady and has that instinct in him.

Hoyer has shown some Brady-like magic in the games he played last season until going down with injury. It will be interesting to see what he can display on the field if he ends up winning the starting job in Cleveland.


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