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It is now official: Donald Sterling is no longer the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers anymore. The judge ruled against the disgraced NBA owner during his trial in his attempt to block the team's $2 billion sale to Microsft CEO Steve Ballmer on Monday.

Sterling's estranged wife, Shelly, reportedly burst into tears after the announcement.

"I can't believe it's over. I feel good," she said, per the Associated Press.

This is great news for the Clippers and the NBA as a whole, as the disgraced owner is finally no longer involved with the league at all.

It's great this was able to happen at this time since reports came out these past few days that Clippers point guard Chris Paul and head coach Doc Rivers were planning to boycott games if Sterling was still the owner by the time the regular season began.

Who knows what would have happened for the Clippers and other teams and their players if Sterling was still the owner by that time?

Finally, it's all over.


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