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Eli Manning is coming off a nightmare of a season with the New York Giants in 2013, and the team is hoping the star quarterback can turn up the gears for this season.

Nw quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf's goal for Manning is for him to complete 70 percent of his passes for this season.

"It hasn't been done very often, so that's the ultimate goal," Langsdorf said, via ESPN. "I think it's been done eight or nine times, maybe? That's an impressive statistic in the history of the league. So that's what we're gunning for, that 70 percent."

Manning's career-high for completion percentage is 62.9, which happened in 2010. However, it has regressed every year ever since that. His career completion percentage is only 58.5.

It's going to be tough for Manning, but it can be done. The only QBs to complete such a feat are: Sammy Baugh (1945), Ken Anderson (1982), Alex Smith (2012), Drew Brees (2009, 2011), Steve Young (1994) and Joe Montana (1989).

Langsdorf hopes Manning will be added to that short list after 2014.

"He's well aware of who's done it in the past and what the system can get you in terms of completion," Langsdorf said. "So we're trying to focus on that and really trying to do a good job of taking care of the ball and hitting open receivers."

We'll see if Manning can get it done ... or if he's in for another 20-plus interception year.


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