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LeBron James was able to win two titles after leading the Miami Heat to four straight NBA Finals appearances. However, James has been strongly criticized for not winning all of them as comparisons to Michael Jordan continue from the critical NBA fans.

Kobe Bryant came to defense of James. Bryant, a five-time NBA champion, says the title expectations people have on James are "absolutely ridiculous." He basically says that you can't just expect someone to win five or six titles just like that. Wining one or two are just a feat itself since going to the Finals is so rare.

The Black Mamba drops down the knowledge, via Dime Mag:

“[LeBron] has two of them [titles]. For us players, it becomes about how many you get, which sounds absolutely ridiculous. You’re really lucky and fortunate to win one, but now it’s become so jaded, it’s like, ‘OK you only won one, you only won two, you should win five or six,’ which is absolutely ridiculous. But nonetheless, that’s the challenge that we deal with.”

Bryant definitely has a good point. It's very accurate at that. You can't just expect high-caliber players like James and such just to win five titles like that. It's just so hard to reach the Finals in the very first place.

James, who is a free agent, has a big decision to make on where he wants to spend next small portion of his career with, since he's reportedly seeking around a one- to two-year deal.

Could it be he could join Kobe in Los Angeles? Will he stay in Miami? Could he join Carmelo somewhere? Does he return to his throne in Cleveland?

No matter where he goes, expect James to turn that team into a title-contender.


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