LeBron James Cavaliers July 2014

UPDATE (8:59 p.m. ET)

Not exactly an update in terms to LeBron, but Chris Sheridan is the reason this article was written in the first place (scroll all the way down). Funny thing is, though, is that he retweeted a fake Chris Broussard account to make his report seem more legit.

Take a look:


And he retracted that very fast. Funny how Sheridan RT'd a fake Broussard one in particular since he called out Sheridan's report as "false" on ESPN just moments after LeBron's meeting with the Heat.


UPDATE (8:03 p.m. ET)

Brian Windhorst of ESPN reports that there is no meeting scheduled for James with the Cavs:


Chris Broussard reports that no decision will be made by LeBron tonight:


Expect it to happen tomorrow or whenever James actually has a meeting with Cleveland. The fact that he left without deal in Miami definitely tells you something. I think he's going back to the Cavs.

UPDATE (7:55 p.m. ET)

Chris Broussard just called out Chris Sheridan for his "false report" on ESPN "SportsCenter."


UPDATE (7:43 p.m. ET)

ESPN, Adrian Wojnarwoski of Yahoo Sports and other sources are saying the opposite of what Sheridan is reporting. James' meeting has concluded with the Miami Heat and Pat Riley, where he left without a deal. However, the Cavaliers haven't been informed about James either.






Original Article

NBA reporter Chris Sheridan said yesterday that there is a 90 percent chance that LeBron James returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers in free agency. It appears James' decision has been made, and he's returning to his throne in Ohio.

According to Sheridan, James has told the Miami Heat that he is returning to the Cavs and that an announcement will be made on LeBronJames.com pretty soon.

The Decision has been made. LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, a league source tells SheridanHoops.com.

James met with Miami Heat president Pat Riley today in Las Vegas to deliver the news. A contingent of other Heat officials were informed they were not welcome at the meeting, according to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

An official announcement will be made on www.lebronjames.com, as I first reported yesterday.

It will be huge if Sheridan's report holds true. He has big balls for doing this, because he's going to get ridiculed harder than Ric Bucher if he gets this wrong.

Nothing official until more sources join in on Sheridan's report. For me, I hope it's true. Would be a great thing if LeBron returns. We'll have to see.

Once the decision is made, free agency will EXPLODE!


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