LeBron James Website July 2014

For the past few days, everyone has been going crazy over LeBron James' website. Today and yesterday, LeBronJames.com probably has reached an all time high in hits and site views.

The report going on is that James will eventually announce his decision on his website. So far, nothing has happened yet, but people continue to be refreshing the site.

In addition, the site also now appears to be crashing at the time of this writing (4:43 p.m. ET). Could it be that there are too many users on the site? Can the server not hold up? Or, possibly, is LeBron's camp updating the website and preparing it for the decision?

That's what it appears to be, according to one. The site is set to have Cleveland Cavaliers colors to be posted on the site, according to a friend of the web developer for LeBronJames.com:


For those too lazy to look up the color codes themselves, it resembles the Cavs colors:




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