Chris Bosh LeBron James Dwyane Wade July 2014

It's been reported that LeBron James is not on the same page with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on returning to the Miami Heat. In fact, Wade and Bosh have no idea what LBJ is going to do and are already considering what the roster may look like without the four-time MVP.

James is appearing to be doing the same, according to Fox Sports, as he is already looking at the other available teams in free agency that suit him. He has begun assessing the teams that have interest in him, sources say.

Unlike 2010, James will not be meeting with any of the teams. All of the teams that want James will have to talk through his agent, Rich Paul. According to Fox Sports, whenever James does announce his decision, it will be in the manner of "bam, this is where I'm going."

James, 29, has several options. Several teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns and more would have serious interest. In addition, some teams may offer a pairing that allows James to team up with good friend Carmelo Anthony.

As of right now, James returning to the Heat doesn't seem like a guaranteed or even a win-win scenario. With reports of Chris Bosh wanting a $90 million deal over five years while Wade wants around a $14 million salary, the Heat would be stuck in the same place they were last year since LBJ wants the max.

Miami would have no room to improve their roster if the Big Three structures the contract the way they do. And with the market high for the free agents they like, there's no way they can improve the roster unless they go after veterans who are willing to take a cheap price so they can win a championship.

That didn't exactly work out last year, and with the Western Conference and the San Antonio Spurs themselves improving, what's the point in the Heat trying that same, cheap route again? James certainly doesn't want to. He basically had to carry the team in the Finals this year.

However, keep in mind that in 2010, Wade and Bosh didn't know what James would do until his "The Decision" airing on ESPN. It's just like that now in 2014. In fact, nobody but James himself knows what he's going to do.

Whatever decision LeBron makes, it will be making headlines everywhere.


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