Carlos Boozer July 2014

The Chicago Bulls have a few weeks until they have a decision to make on whether or not they want to amnesty power forward Carlos Boozer. But it looks like they don't want to wait, because they officially amnestied veteran Wednesday night, reports Chicago Sun Times.

Sources say that the amnesty is a "done deal," and that Boozer's camp has been informed about the team's decision. The Bulls will still have to pay Boozer's $16.8 million salary, but it won't go against their salary cap space.

With that, Chicago now has enough space to spend freely on a free agent like Carmelo Anthony. Could it be that they are likely to land him now, so they are clearing cap space to be prepared to sign Melo? Who knows, but they were reportedly "confident" after their eight-hour meeting with the star free agent.

Even if they don't land Melo, they can still go after a guy like Lance Stephenson and others. They also are believed to have interest in Pau Gasol, a power forward they can sign for less but yet become an upgrade over Boozer.

With Boozer as a free agent now, expect several teams to go after him. The Los Angeles Lakers seem like a team that could use him.

Free agency is now getting good, folks.


ESPN's Brian Windhorst contracts the Sun-Times report. Windhorst reports that Boozer hasn't been officially amnestied yet. He has been told it is a possibility as well being involved in a sign-and-trade deal.


We'll keep you updated as more details emerge.


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