Carmelo Anthony July 2014

While LeBron James decides between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, Carmelo Anthony still remains undecided about what team he will sign with in NBA free agency.

It was reported that he was down to only the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers for his decision since both teams offered the max contract to him, but it looks like he's brought the Chicago Bulls back in the mix.

From Real GM:

Stephen A. Smith and Mike McGraw are reporting that Carmelo Anthony is having second thoughts about re-signing with the New York Knicks, with the Chicago Bulls resurfacing as an option.

Anthony has regained interest in the Bulls and Tom Thibodeau is reportedly keeping him interested.

The Bulls are internally trying to figure out how to close a deal with Anthony.

There have been no sign-and-trade talks with the New York Knicks, as the Bulls would need a commitment from Anthony before engaging.

Anthony's decision-making is reminding me of what Dwight Howard did in last year's offseason until if he ultimately decided to sign with the Houston Rockets. If Melo does the same thing like Dwight, expect him to sign with the Bulls then. A lot of people are predicting that notion now.

I think Melo still stays in New York for right now, but we'll see. He'll likely make a decision once LeBron finally does first.


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