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Andrew Wiggins is staying with the Cleveland Cavaliers ... for now.

According to ESPN, the No. 1 overall pick officially signed his rookie deal with the Cavs. He cannot be traded for 30 days, which will be on August 23.

Since this past week, Wiggins has been part of the NBA trade rumor mill regarding the Cavs' interest in Minnesota Timberwolves star power forward Kevin Love. The T-Wolves are reportedly interested in doing a deal if Wiggins is thrown in the deal, which seems like Cleveland is interested in doing.

With Wiggins signed now, though, it gives other teams the chance to make a run at Love.

The Golden State Warriors still have a chance to make something happen then as the Cavs and Chicago Bulls have to wait a month until they can trade their rookies that are allegedly part of their trade offers.

We'll see how things operate until August 23 until then.


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