Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat

LeBron James didn't or hasn't yet made a decision tonight after meeting with Pat Riley and the Miami Heat, but the strong belief is that he will ultimately end up signing and returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA free agency period.

If this rumor holds true, it would effectively mean the end of the Heat's Big Three era. In addition, this would mean Chris Bosh could elsewhere, and that report is holding true as well.

Bosh reportedly has a max offer waiting for him on the Houston Rockets, and ESPN reports that the power forward will sign with them if James does indeed bolt back to Cleveland.


Bosh has been the third wheel the best past four years with the Heat. Though he will likely play much of the same role in Houston with James Harden and Dwight Howard, his part in the offense is expected to be much bigger and more valuable as well as him being a better fit for them.

However, if James decides to return to the Heat, Bosh will likely stay. If he still doesn't, it allows the Heat to go after a guy like Carmelo Anthony, which will make him even more undecided about the free agency period.

All signs, as of right now, point to Bosh joining the Rockets since many expect James going to the Cavs. Houston already has a deal set to clear Jeremy Lin's contract, so Houston may have enough to re-sign Chandler Parsons and take in Bosh.

Free agency is about to explode. Just wait on it.


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