LeBron James July 2014

Chris Sheridan, a former NBA reporter for ESPN and the Associated Press and now the owner of SheridanHoops.com, has made a splash himself during NBA free agency when saying it was confirmed that LeBron James will be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Sheridan hopped on the radio Thursday to discuss Wednesday's events. Sheridan, who first reported it was a 90 percent chance James is coming to the Cavs, now says it's 100 percent that James is returning.

“He’s 100% coming back to Cleveland, yeah, the decision has already been made Pat Riley did his very best to get LeBron to change his mind," Sheridan said.

Sheridan says that Decision 2.0 will be announced before James goes to Brazil to attend the 2014 World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina.

“It’ll on the website before LeBron leaves for Brazil. He’s leaving for Brazil tomorrow."

The radio hosts also asked Sheridan about his sources and Sheridan's reputation and credibility.

“This is not my first rodeo, I’m very very confident in my story.”

Kiley then asked “How close to the source are you, the source being LeBron James?”, Sheridan responded with “next question.”

Sheridan also discussed the possibilities of Kevin Love to Cleveland, as the Cavaliers are rumored to try to acquire him if LeBron heads to the franchise. Sheridan says that they won't get rid of Andrew Wiggins to get Love.

“I don’t think the Cavs will give up Wiggins in a Kevin Love deal I think the Cavs will put together any other combination of guys, excluding Kyrie. They have 3 1st round draft picks in 2015 — those could all go in the bushel.”

We'll see if Sheridan ends up being correct.


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