Mario Chalmers Shooting July 2014

The Miami Heat were unlikely to re-sign Mario Chalmers this offseason, but did so anyways after LeBron James left to re-join the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Chalmers signed a two-year deal worth $8.3 million to stay with the Heat, and he may see his role change after struggling at point guard, most notably during the 2014 NBA Finals.

Heat president Pat Riley hinted at something interesting for Chalmers and his role in the team's backcourt. Instead of playing the point, Chalmers could see some time at shooting guard spot.

“Mario is a big-game player. He learned more than ever in this [Finals] that you can never take anything for granted at this level of play," Riley said, via the Miami Herald.

“We’re looking at Mario differently in this roster. He’s a point guard, but we’re also looking at him as a [shooting guard]. Mario can be very effective as a long-armed [shooting guard] who can shoot the three.”

It'd be interesting, but it may work better for Chalmers. He isn't one of the best point guard by a longshot, maybe not even top 15 or top 20. Playing at two would be easier for him, as Chalmers can play off-the-ball and that all he has to do is shoot.

I could see Chalmers being a much more improved player stat-wise if that were to happen. We'll just have to see once the 2014-15 NBA season starts, though.


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