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The NBA union is reportedly advising players from LeBron James on down to prepare for a possible work stoppage and lockout following the 2016-17 season. With that, they are telling players to stretch out their salary payments, according to USA Today.

The players and the league have the ability to opt out of their current CBA after the 2016-17 season, so there may be a chance we could head for another work stoppage like the 2011 lockout.

A letter was sent out to players to stretch out their salaries to be paid over 18 months instead of the normal 12-month span. With that, players can be paid for a possible six months where the league isn't in play.

"We suggest that you consider including this provision in any multi-year contract you negotiate, specifically for the 2016-17 season," the letter reads. "An 18-month payment schedule for 2016-17 will allow a player to continue receiving paychecks throughout the 2017-18 season, even if the players are lockout that season."

The union is advising players to learn from their mistakes from 2011. In the letter, it details how NBA owners were able to still make money due to TV rights and fees during the six-month layoff.

"As we have learned in the past, the owners have made provisions with the TV networks to continue to receive rights fees throughout a work stoppage, and there is no reason the players should not make every effort to take the same precaution."

In 2011, the league and the players agreed to a 50-50 split. In the previous split, it was 57-43 in favor of the players.

But now with teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers selling recently for massive deals, expect the players to have some leverage this time around when the new CBA is discussed.


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