Josh Gordon July 2014

The legal team of Cleveland Browns star wide receiver Josh Gordon had something planned that could help in their case on the positive marijuana test. The legal team claimed that Gordon "barely" tested positive, and it was due to second-hand smoke.

However, the NFL already has issued a warning for Gordon's legal team if they plan on using that claim.

"A cornerstone of both of our drug testing programs has always been that you are responsible for what is in your body," Greg Aiello, NFL senior vice president of communications, said via email Tuesday. "It is stated that way in the policies."

Aiello adds that several other players have been suspended for "not being responsible for what is in your body."

One example is Indianapolis Colts defensive end Robert Mathis, who used a drug that could help get his wife pregnant. However, the drug was against the NFL's policies because it increases testosterone levels.

It looks like the same fate is going to be used on Gordon, who is likely to miss the entire 2014 season.


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