Tim Tebow July 2014

Tim Tebow took a hiatus on his NFL dreams last year when he was cut by the New England Patriots. He went on to become a college football analyst on ESPN.

However, Tebow hasn't given up and was recently seen working out like an NFL player should. Tebow says he's waiting on a call from the league and hopes to hear one soon. Nothing has happened yet and the chances are very slim for a team to call the former Heisman trophy winner.

Former Florida Gators and current Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer is confused by that fact.

I still don’t get that part of it,” Meyer said. “He’s the second-most efficient passer ever to play college football. . . . He’ll be successful in whatever he does, but he’s such a good player. I just wish it would work out for him.”

Meyer apparently doesn't get the part about Tebow either.

Pro Football Talk explains it perfectly:

Since Meyer can’t figure it out, let me explain it to him: Tebow can’t get an NFL job because the essence of playing quarterback in the NFL is throwing a football accurately, and Tebow is not an accurate passer. Tebow has a career completion rate of 47.9 percent. That is, frankly, awful. Name a terrible NFL quarterback, and you can just about guarantee that he has a better career completion percentage than Tebow. Brandon Weeden? 55.9 percent. Blaine Gabbert? 53.3 percent. JaMarcus Russell? 52.1 percent.

Unless if Tebow has improved incredibly as a quarterback or decides to change his position to a tight end or something, there's no chance he'll be making an NFL roster or making any impact on one.


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