Nigel Bethel Amber Battle

Big news happened recently regarding Texas Tech when Red Raiders football recruit punched women's basketball player Amber Battle in the face. Video has now emerged of the incident.

Take a look:

As shown in the video, Battle grabs the rebound but then gets fouled by Bethel. She then shoves him, which leads to Bethel punching her. Battle allegedly broke a bone in her face from the incident, and had to require surgery.

According to ESPN though, the video was not enough to for a grand jury.

Lubbock attorney Tray Payne told ESPN.com that the charges against Bethel were dropped after a grand jury found there was no evidence to substantiate assault nor probable cause to pursue charges.

“This is not what it was made out to be,” Payne said. “He’s a good kid with no criminal history, and this was out of character.”

Bethel has since been dismissed from the football team. Meanwhile, Battle has been suspended one month from the university because she first initiated contact.

(H/T The Big Lead)


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