Tim Howard July 2014

Tim Howard had one of the finest performances in World Cup history for a goalkeeper after having a record 16 saves in USA's 2-1 loss to Belgium in the World Cup on Tuesday.

Howard spoke to ESPN's "Mike and Mike" on the radio on Wednesday, where he revealed that he was "randomly" drug tested after his amazing performance.

Golic: Take us inside the (I’m sure) pretty somber locker room after the game, and tell us about some of the conversations that were going on.

Howard: I got dragged into drug-testing – again — randomly, so I didn’t hear all of them. I think once I got back into the room it was quiet. Like you said, it was somber. No words can make you feel better. Some guys had tears. Some guys kept sitting quietly. It’s tough. Losing in sports, no matter what sport it is, feels exactly the same. It’s gut-wrenching. We just tried to shower and get out of there as quickly as we could, and get back to our families.

Golic: Do you think after the 10th or 11th save the randomness went out of the drug test? (Laughs.)

Howard: Someone else said that as well. Maybe.

Greenberg: Tim, you’re 35 years old. You’ll be 39 the next time the World Cup rolls around. Do you think this was your last World Cup?

Howard: I was watching some of the videos — I wanna be at the bar, throwing beer around and jumping around when Jozy scores goals. That looks fun to me. I don’t know. I need to kind of take stock of where I’m at. With the emotion of last night, and these whole six weeks, it’s hard to put into context. When the dust settles, I’ll speak to the important people in the decision-making process, have conversations, and see where we go.

It would be interesting to see Howard on the World Cup squad in 2018. It would be very unlikely. It's more probable he is with the team for the Olympics in 2016, as he would be 37 years old.

Nonetheless, Howard had a spectacular performance during the World Cup this year. Props to him.


(H/T The Big Lead)


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