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Kevin Durant's Nike contract has expired, though the swoosh decided to still go ahead and release the Nike KD 7 last month. The "Global Games" colorway just released last weekend, and it could be the last colorway while KD is still at Nike.

As you may know by now, Under Armour is looking to make a big push for Durant. Under Armour is based from where KD is from in the DMV, so it seems like a perfect fit. Even better? They're offering $30 million a year to KD. Compare that to Nike, who signed Durant to a $60 million deal ... over seven years.

That could be enough for Durant to sign with UA, and more signs have approached that he could leave. According to Biz Journals, Durant cancelled his three-day visit to the Nike headquarters with the Under Armour endorsement deal up in the air.

Durant was scheduled to be at the company's near-Beaverton headquarters Aug. 4-6 for various basketball-related activities, including camps. It's unclear if he was scheduled to discuss his endorsement deal during the visit.

Durant's deal with Nike expired last week. It's unknown what deal Nike would offer to Durant if the lucrative offer by Under Armour is true. It's also unknown if Nike has a right to match the deal if Durant were to sign with UA.

We'll let you know more about this situation as further news releases.

In my opinion, I think Durant stays. I mean, Nike just doesn't make a shoe already for KD with having a little idea of what he's going to do with his contract expiring very soon. In addition, KD is likely going to sell way more shoes with the swoosh than he ever will if he went with Under Armour.

He may be a big name, but take a look at other superstars and their sneaker sales since leaving the swoosh. There's not many who have succeeded or have sold more than what they did when they were with Nike.

You also have to consider Durant's past, too. As Biz Journals notes, Durant first turned down to Adidas to sign the $60 million deal with Nike. Adidas reportedly was offering much more than Nike was.

However, there's still a chance KD leaves. Why else is Nike making signature shoes for the likes of Kyrie Irving, Paul George and James Harden now?

I think KD stays, though. But we'll see.


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